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07.04.2018 20th anniversary mosh festival, Kulturwerk 118, Sursee(CH)
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Evil Invaders (BE), Angelus Apatrida (ES), Exit (CH), Contorsion (CH), Pandemic Death (CH)
25.05.2018 Werkhof Bischof, Alt St. Johann (CH)
Rock the Hell
Cephalotripsy (USA), Devangelic (I), Extermination Dismemberment (BY), Analepsy (P), Child Of Pain (CH), Colpocleisis (UK), Atomgott (GER), Korpse (NL), Devour The Fetus (F), Corpsefucking Art (I)
23.06.2018 Fehrbellin (D)
Protzen Openair
Entombed A.D. (SWE), Firespawn (SWE), Illdiposed (DK), Humiliation (MYS), Debauchery (GER), Dew-Scented (GER), Just Before Dawn (SWE/DK/UK), Inhume (NL), Revolting (SWE), Bloody Invasion (GER), Demonical (SWE), Betalmand (GER), Xicution (GER), Phantom Corporation (GER), Final Dawn (FIN), Victim (GER), Betrayal (GER), Cashley (GER), Artless (GER), Lifeless (GER), Thornafire (CHL)
24.11.2018 Oxil, Zofingen (CH)
Oxil, Zofingen
Calico (CH), Toxic Shokk (CH), Parusie (CH)