REQUIEM will reunite in classic line-up!
22.04.2014, Webmaster

Since 2010 when original vocalist Michi Kuster left and after the departure of bassist/vocalist Ralf Winzer Garcia in 2012 REQUIEM kept on playing with different members.

Now in late 2014 the "classic lineup" of REQUIEM will reunite for further live and studio endeavors.

With this line-up they recorded three albums “Government Denies Knowledge” (2006), “Premier Killing League” (2007) and “Infiltrate…Obliterate…Dominate” (2009) and toured massively across Europe with bands like Dismember, Debauchery, Belphegor, Vader, Lividity and more...

Matze Schiemann will step in as the second guitar player for all live shows.

The full line-up will be:
Michi Kuster – Vocals
Phil Klauser – Guitars
Ralf Winzer Garcia – Bass
Reto Crola – Drums
Matze Schiemann - Live Guitars

Be prepared for news and upcoming show dates to be announced soon - REQUIEM – Premier Death Metal Since 1997

First show with new lineup
30.11.2012, Webmaster

Back home from the first two shows with Requiem's new line-up. Thanks to all the people who moved their asses to support us and gave us these absolutely great feedbacks! It is amazing and showed us we are on the right track!!!! The show in Reutlingen (GER) was one of our best shows ever. Responses about the new line-up were huge and awesome… See you soon on stages!

REQUIEM Line-up 2012
01.10.2012, Webmaster

Marc Reichen – Vocals
Phil Klauser – Guitars
Matthias Schiemann – Guitars
Giuseppe Cirotti – Bass
Reto Crola – Drums

REQUIEM inked a deal with MDD Records
27.07.2012, Webmaster

Swiss Death Metal Horde REQUIEM inked a deal with MDD Records (GER) to release as first step the latest album "Within Darkened Disorder" in autumn. More infos follow soon...

"We are happy to have REQUIEM finally on our label to blast your ears with really in-your-face Death Metal. A long dream come true and now Phil and his dudes are part of our family..." Markus / MDD

Ralf Winzer Garcia will quit REQUIEM
21.06.2012, Webmaster

Ralf: After 8 Years, 4 international album releases and hundreds of live shows in Europe I decided to leave REQUIEM. I’m very grateful for everything I learned during that time and for every experience I had together with my fellow friends Phil and Reto. I felt that it is the right time to pursue a new path both musically and personally. My last live show with REQUIEM will be at this year’s Queens Of Metal Open Air Festival in Steinbach/Langenbach (GER).

REQUIEM: We deeply thank Ralf for everything and the incomparable shared experience of the last 8 years. Only the best wishes to him and his future. Although he won’t be an active musician in REQUIEM anymore soon he’ll always be a part of this band and a friend to us.

The band will continue to move on of course. With Giuseppe Cirotti the band already found a substitute on the bass. He already participated on 2005’s European tour with Vital Remains (US). The new man on vocal duties will be Marc Reichen (Ex-Minsk Security).